Tryson supplies a large variety of products to the automotive (domestic and foreign), telecommunications, gaming, hardware, vending machines, copier, appliance and hydraulic systems industries. We have implemented all the standards and practices unique to each industry as well as customer specific requirements.

We are heavily involved in automotive stampings and assemblies; and as a result, we are very familiar with automotive's quality procedures, on-time delivery requirements, and pricing constraints.

Much of our business has been a result of inheriting tooling from a customer's existing supplier, when that supplier has failed to service up to the customer's expectation and satisfaction.

Consequently, we are confident in our ability to upgrade and adapt transferred dies in order to stamp parts at a competitive and in many cases at a lower price than was originally quoted by the previous supplier.

We work with our customers by assisting in the design of their parts, by prototyping the parts and by bringing the parts to full production. We offer the ability to supply a "COMPLETE" stamped product. Our internal capabilities combined with the services of our excellent outside processors enable us to satisfy any secondary processing need (heat treating, platings, deburring, welding, powder coating and more).
Tryson Metal Stampings & Manufacturing, Inc.
230 S. LaLonde Avenue, Addison, IL 60101
Fax: 630-628-0016

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